We carry out Homebuyer Survey and Valuation reports, Structural and Building surveys on all classes of residential, industrial and commercial property.

The purchase of a commercial building or a house is a major capital investment and it may also be one of the major outgoings on an annual basis.

If purchasing any property, you should be satisfied that the building is in good repair and condition. On many occasions, commercial and residential property has been purchased and the owner has only later discovered only later that major expenditure is necessary due to, for example, failed foundations, the need for replacement of a roof, or incomplete plumbing or electrical installation.

Sturgis Snow and Astill can provide full Building Surveys, or RICS Homebuyer reports.

Surveys can also be carried out where there is a dispute with regard to building work. Advice can be given and expert Witness reports provided for counter action.

Contact Mark Simpson for advice or a quotation in respect of structural and building surveys Homebuyers and Home Sellers reports.

Planned maintenance of properties is becoming essential as repair costs escalate and buildings and services become more complex. Please contact Mark Simpson for advice or a quotation in respect of these works.

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